Throwback Thursday   by mark on Dec 18, 2014

Planet Bike has long been committed to doing business in a different way. Aside from our mission to help strengthen bike advocacy we also aim to make our business as sustainable as possible.

We utilize the best subcomponents we can find to bring you products that work great, are durable and stand the test of time. We have an extensive list of small parts that are available to refurbish older products. If something does happen to wear out after years of use chances are we sell a piece to make it good as new.

Back in December 2007 we installed a photovoltaic system (solar) on the roof of Planet Bike HQ. The initial expense is the main deterrent for such an undertaking but the payoff over time just makes sense; not to mention we're utilizing a renewable resource to supply nearly 90% of our power needs!

Kid Bike Love   by kristin on Dec 02, 2014

I taught my 3 year old to ride a two wheeler this past weekend. He had been zooming around on his run bike for some time and could balance going downhill for more than a block with ease so I figured he’d catch on quickly. To see his determination and excitement about riding a “two wheel pedal bike!” was such a thrill for me. After a couple of topples and figuring out the pedaling I let go of that saddle and lo and behold he kept going forward. It felt a bit surreal to see him off and riding and he laughed with delight that he was riding on his own. The feeling of exhilaration and independence that comes from riding a bike is now his. When you ask people why they like riding a bike you often hear them mention that it makes them feel like a kid again. The speed, the feeling of flying, the freedom; watching a kid learn to ride a bike is a reminder that riding bikes is just plain fun. I can't wait to share more bike adventures with my kids in the years to come.

The Best Way to Carry Cargo by Bike.   by mark on Nov 20, 2014

A bicycle is a beautiful thing and to optimize all if its benefits, we all want to be able to carry some stuff with us as we head down the road of life. So, what's the best approach? Is it your trusty backpack, a classic highlighter yellow Ortlieb pannier or are you planning on getting your three kids to school in the morning? There is no one size fits all solution. You'll ultimately need to decide what's best for you but we hope to offer some tips to guide your decision.

Madison's Electronic Bike Counter   by mark on Nov 07, 2014

The City of Madison installed its first visual electronic bicycle counter just under a month ago on October 9th. It's located on the heavily trafficked Southwest Path near UW-Madison's Camp Randall. The counter tallies bicyclists that pass over loops embedded in the path. Two counts are tallied on the counter. Near the top is the count for the day and below is a display that shows the number of bicyclists that have passed by cumulatively for the year. Since the activation date 30,370 cyclists have been counted!

Light Finder   by mark on Oct 13, 2014

For years we've published a Light Finder that shows the actual beam throw that our lights have. Sure, you can measure in lumens but actually seeing a light in action is the best representation of actual performance. It's been several years since our last edition but that's soon to change. Last week Dave, Heath and I shot photos for our upcoming 2015 edition. We're pretty excited to show off what our new Blaze XLR lights are capable of!

Magical Bicycle Tour   by mark on Sep 29, 2014

Heath, our Director of Product Development, set Alan and Karen up with some of our new waterproof saddle covers prior to their big tour. Below is a note that Alan sent post-tour:

Karen and I are back from our magical bicycle adventure. We rode back into Madison from Minneapolis on September 10 after visiting our children. We had driven our bikes back from Maine to Minneapolis but wanted to keep the magic going a little longer by riding the 300 miles back to our driveway. All together we rode just shy of 5900 miles since leaving Seattle on May 21. We were on the bikes for 99 days and traveling for 110 days or so.

The seat covers held up well. As you know, I rode with mine on my Brooks saddle whenever it was raining and we both used it to cover our seats every night to protect them from dew and from rain. I’d say they passed the 5900 mile test. Mine was getting a tad worn, but always seemed to keep my Brooks saddle dry regardless of the amount of rain we were in.

Thought I would send a couple of photos of it toward the end of its journey. Thanks so much for letting us be product testers. It was an amazing journey that exceeded all our expectations. Thank you for being part of our journey.

WisNic Partners   by mark on Sep 23, 2014

WisNic Partners works to enhance the quality of life in Wisconsin & Nicaragua through people-to-people programs promoting cultural awareness & sustainable community development.

Planet Bike has partnered with WisNic for the past few years in supplying them with some of our refurbished product returns. It's great to see our products in use and helping in community development in Nicaragua.

The top picture show Edwin who makes a living on providing transportation, via bicycle and van, using our floor pump to air up his van tire.

More than Stores   by mark on Aug 18, 2014

Golden Saddle Cyclery in LA seems to be doing things right; having fun and getting more people on bikes in Los Angeles. Our Superflash even makes a brief cameo in this clip.


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